About Us

Adoption Events – Saturdays only from 11am to 3pm. You are welcome to show up to look at our dogs, however we mainly show dogs with approved applications. We make an appointment with you. Please just keep in mind the dog your coming to see may have an applicant with an approved application already coming to look/adopt the dog.

The Animals Rule kennels are located at:
305 N Harbor Blvd. San Pedro, CA 90731

Animals Rule Placement Foundation

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 Animal Welfare Organization & Shelter

Tax ID #13-4264510

Our Mission:

Our primary goal is to remove dogs in danger of being euthanized from shelter environments and foster them until permanent homes are found through our adoption program. We believe in the spay and neuter of all animals, regardless of breed, in order to aid in the prevention of pet overpopulation. We provide our dogs with shelter, proper veterinary care and any necessary rehabilitation. We rescue all breeds of dogs and they come to us from a variety of different sources. Most of our dogs are rescued from our city and county shelters, others are strays, neglected, owner surrendered or abandoned due to their owners various financial situations.

Who We Are

Animals Rule Placement Foundation was established in 2003 as a registered 501(C)3 Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization Tax ID #13-4264510. We are a small group of non paid volunteers who have come together to rescue and foster animals in need of adoption and find them permanent forever homes. We are based out of the south bay, in the city of San Pedro, California. Our funding comes entirely from public donations, our adoption fees and fund raisers. We do not receive any city, county or government funding. Your tax deductible donation is used 100% for the welfare and veterinary care of the animals while they are with us. None of our volunteers are paid, we are all volunteers.

2021 Accomplishments

2021 was our second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once again, it brought about an all new way to rescue and adopt animals! We were continuously adapting and changing our procedures and protocol to coincide with the LA City and County’s pandemic guidelines. Everyone who rushed out to adopt a dog or cat in 2020 was now joining us in the long wait for vet appointments. Our dog emergencies now required us to travel to Emergency Vets in order to get immediate care. To date January 2022, the shelters are still requiring us to visit and rescue dogs by appointment only.  The shelters are at capacity as a large number of the dogs removed from the shelter by the public are now being returned as people return back to work. These circumstances make it very hard for rescues to enter the shelter system and remove at risk dogs.  Our rescue/adoption numbers this year are improving but still a little lower then pre-Covid times.  However, we feel that under the COVID-19 circumstances, we did an outstanding job! 

We rescued 101 dogs in 2021. The breakdown of our total amount of dogs adopted in 2021 is as follows; we saved a total of 25 dogs on their last day at our city and county shelters. We took in 42 owner surrendered dogs thus preventing them from entering the shelter system. These dogs were surrendered to us for various reasons such as; housing relocations, layoffs, unemployment and straight up financial difficulties related to the pandemic. Some of these families lost their homes and could not afford the most basic vet care for their dogs. We also took in 10 stray dogs and 10 stray cats whose owners we were unable to locate. We took in 5 dogs from Panama, 2 dogs from Mexico, 3 dogs transferred to us from another rescue and 2 dogs from owners who passed away. We lost 4 of our rescue dogs due to medical conditions. In addition to all of this, Animals Rule Placement Foundation was able to assist 14 low income/homeless families with pet food and vet assistance throughout the year. We continue to partner with The Amazing Small Animal Clinic’s mobile spay/neuter van. We are providing them a place twice a month to perform spay/neuters, vaccinations, microchipping and dental care for both cats and dogs at a reduced rate for low income families.

We accomplished all of this while struggling through the pandemic ourselves, holding down jobs of our own, marriages and mortgages. It was another crazy and difficult year. We are dedicated to the well being of our rescue dogs and we love each and every one of them who passes through our rescue on their way to forever homes. Please help us give back and help make a difference in the lives of homeless pets. Don’t Buy, Don’t Breed, Adopt!

From the Animals Rule volunteers we thank you!