Cali ~ Belgian Shepherd ~ Female ~ DOB 3/28/22 ~ 60-70 full grown

Cali was bought from a breeder and when the prior owner moved he “gave the dog away” then those people “gave the dog away” until we caught wind and took her into rescue. People need to do research on the dog they are getting. This breed, the Belgian Shepherd, is one of the smartest dog breeds out there. You have to know what to do with a smart dog, otherwise they become bored and destructive. Cali is very smart and very active. She can already sit, lay down and shake on command. We are looking for Shepherd people, experienced people who are active and live an active lifestyle. She will not do well in a back yard with a family who works M-F full time. Cali was born 03/28/2022 and currently weighs 48 lbs. She should be 60-70 full grown. Shepherds are mouthy dogs, kids should be 10 and older and be able to understand this. She will be best suited for homeowners with a yard for her to run and play in rather then apartment/rental living. She is good with both male and female dogs and she loves to play. She needs improvement on her leash walking… but she is off to a good start. Cali is absolutely beautiful with her deep black, soft, silky, shiny coat. She has a very sweet, loving, adorable and playful disposition. Housebreaking is under way in her foster home and she is doing great! Do your research, know what you are adopting.

If you are interested in adopting Cali, please visit OUR website at and fill out an online application of interest.

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