Princess ~ Female ~ Poodle Mix ~ 3 yrs old ~ 9 lbs

Princess was 1 of 5 dogs dumped at the Downey Shelter by her elderly owners who decided they did not want her anymore. We rescued 3 of the 5 dogs. Princess is 3 years old and is full grown at 9 lbs. She came in filthy, flea ridden and unkempt. Her entire coat needed to be shaved off when she was under anesthesia to be spayed. She has never been out of her prior backyard. She is decompressing at our rescue with two of her yard mates. Princess is a sweet dog, but will need time to know you first. She is afraid and a little nippy. She jumps in our lap and gives us kisses now, but this took time. Be prepared to live in our relative area and be able to visit her several times prior to adoption. She will do better this way. She is fine with other smaller dogs as long as they leave her alone. Princess would be a good match for another senior dog as she just minds her own business. She will require an all adult home (kids 18 and older), she is not used to children and appreciates a calm quiet home. Princess will need a house with a yard situation, she is not suited for apartment/rental living.

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Princess is seen by appointment only with an approved application. If you are interested in adopting her just click the application button below to apply.


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