Patches: Abyssinian Guinea Pig & Kiki: Peruvian Guinea Pig ~ both females

We have 2 female guinea pigs ready for adoption. Kiki has long hair, she is a Peruvian guinea pig. Patches has shorter hair, she is an Abyssinian guinea pig. They are both around 2 yrs old. Guinea pigs do great in pairs and these two are very bonded and do very well together.  We are looking for Guinea pig savvy people. They live anywhere from 5-7 years and will require someone who knows about their care and feeding and can commit to them both and their well being. We don’t want them ever to land in the shelter. Guinea pigs require attention paid to the temperature in your home during the summer and winder months.

These two gals do great together. We will require you to have a guinea pig set up spacious enough for two. If you need supplies, we also sell all the supplies needed to set up a great habitat at our facility.

If you are interested in adopting both guinea pigs, please reach out to us via email at: and we will email you a screening application.

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