Toby ~ Pitbull Terrier/Boxer mix ~ Male ~ 8 yrs old, 65 lbs

We rescued Toby from the South LA Shelter. His prior owners lost their home and had no choice but to surrender him. Toby is 8 years old and has shared his life in a home with 2 chihuahuas and a few grand kids. Out of nowhere he found himself homeless, dropped of at an over crowded shelter full of stressed out dogs with non stop barking. He completely shut down. Enter our volunteer Patsy who noticed him in dyer straights, he got a great review from the shelter staff and his prior owners even left a ton of information about him in hopes that he would be adopted. This is a fantastic dog, so we pulled him out! In a very a short period of time he has settled into his foster home and blossomed. Toby is a sweet boy that is eager to please, he loves balls and a good game of fetch and is always ready to play but will just as soon curl up next to you on the couch and snuggle. He’s a loving and affectionate boy that shares his foster home with a 6 year old boy and two female chihuahua mixes that he is very respectful of and gently plays with. Toby is housebroken and good with kids. He can sit, lay down, stay and come on command and is working on his “shake” command. He loves to go for walks and loves to lounge in the yard and sunbathe. This is a great all around dog. We adore him. He will need a homeowner with a yard.

To see more pictures and video of Toby please visit our Instagram page @animalsrulerescue

Toby is seen by appointment only with an approved application. If you are interested, just click the application link below to apply.

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