Koda ~ Male ~ Husky & Rottweiler Mix ~ 47 lbs ~ DOB 0 7/31/2019

Sad story…. This beautiful boy is Koda, a true rescue. He is 2 years old and weighs around 40 pounds. Koda has been chained to a tree since he was 5 months old. I will do the math for you… So for 1 year and 7 months he has been chained to a tree. For 19 long months in sun and rain, in heat and cold, in wind and humidity he remained chained to a tree in the back yard of his home with no shelter. They fed him out of a Dixie cup. BARBARIC!! He was 5 months old when that chain went around his neck and never came off. He grew into the chain, therefore the chain embedded into his skin. The chain was cut from the tree and then had to be surgically removed from his neck. WHO! DOES! THIS!?

We are happy to report that his surgery was successful and his sutures have since been removed and he has gained some weight. Koda seems to be unfazed by his past. He is as happy as can be running free, going for walks, playing with toys, leaning into you for pets, praise and love. He has good play manners with other dogs and he is fine with people. We DNA’d him and he is Husky, Rottweiler and Staffie. Dogs are so resilient and Koda is no exception. He is a very sweet, happy boy who still loves people after all he has been through. We are looking for a great home for Koda, people who will love him, treat him well and keep him for the remainder of his life. He has suffered enough. He will be fine with other well mannered dogs and kids over 8 will be fine too. We want Koda to go into a homeowner situation so he has a backyard to run and play in. He will not be suited for apartment/rental living. No Cats

*the picture prop is a womens scarf

Koda is seen by appointment only with an approved application. If you are interested, just click the application link below to apply.

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