Arvis ~ Male ~ Yorkshire Terrier mix~ 6 yrs old ~ 10 lbs

Meet Arvis.  We pulled him out of the Carson Shelter where he entered as a stray, so, we have no back history on him.  Arvis probably has a few breeds such as Yorkie and Norwich Terrier in him.  He is around 6 years old and he weighs 9.8 lbs. He has seen our vet, his lab work is normal, he has had a dental with 4 extractions and a benign fatty growth removed. Arvis would prefer an all female adult home.  He LOVES the ladies.  Any teens should be over 18… he is not used to the energy of smaller children and he has been mistreated by a men. He is good with other dogs his size and can live with a small female dog or as an only dog.  Arvis is not quite housebroken, so that’s his only issue.  He has been in a few short term foster homes and is picking up the concept well.  His last foster home he potties outside almost all of the time, however he did not care for the husband at all.   He has a belly band that he wears and this works well for him.  He really is a sweet little guy, he would love to be your lap companion, your couch potato, your lover boy!  His prior owners failed him and he seems lonely to us and a little shut down. 

To see more pictures and video of Arvis please check out our Instagram page @animalsrulerescue

Arvis is seen by appointment only with an approved application. If you are interested just click the application link below.

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