Blanch & Harriet ~ Chihuahua/Yorkie mix & Maltese Mix ~ 12 yrs old ~ bonded pair

Our two golden girls Blanch and Harriet are looking for a home together. They are a bonded pair. These two old ladies are as sweet as can be. Their prior owner passed away and we stepped in to take them. We feel they have had a hard life before coming to us. Both were in poor shape and their rotting teeth had not been addressed for years. The rotting teeth caused them both pain and difficulty eating which lead to weight loss and poor nutrition. We have turned their lives around with some good vet care. Blanch is the little Chihuahua and she is 4.6 lbs, Harriet is the white Maltese mix and she is 7 lbs. Both dogs are 12 years old. Both have seen the Vet and are spayed, current on vaccines and both have had dentals with multiple teeth extracted. They are now pain free and and great eaters. They love their food and have put on appropriate weight. Harriet, the white Maltese mix, will seek out her pee pad to use or she will go outside. She loves the front yard at her foster home and will sniff the flowers and grass and trot around. She will timidly seek out attention and loves to be pet and loved on. Harriet, the little Chihuahua/Yorkie mix, marches to the beat of her own drum. She will pee every time you take her outside. She is a big love bug and will tell you how much she loves you. She will also let you know when she wants something. Blanch loves to be snuggled and loved on. Both sleep together at night a good 7 hours and they both are so sweet and we feel pretty easy going little ones. They both love to sun bathe and will go out on their own to do this. When you come home from somewhere they act like its Christmas every time, they are so excited to see you. We are looking to place them together. If you are interested in our little Golden Girls please visit our website at and fill out an application of interest.